What are you thinking about ?? Right now ??

What are you thinking about ?? Right now ??

Friday, 29 May 2009

Nothing really...

I love you T, I love you a lot...missing you :(

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

No more Flickering !!!

I am thinking it is Time.
Time to take a decision.
There are times when you cant just oscillate...you need to take a stand and a decision, no matter how badly you want to run away from it...
Life takes none of that
And that is exactly what am thinking of...."what, why, how, when"

Monday, 18 May 2009

GOOD KNIGHT.............

I am currently thinking about a very queer incident :) "HOW DID THE KNIGHT RIDERS WIN CHASING 190 ?????????????????? " :) Feels good though, I have to admit :) Being the fan of a beleaguered team. this victory was pleasantly shocking :) CIAO

Friday, 15 May 2009

Contention : by Thinkin

"I am thinking about the overpowering attitude of the mind which outrages something/someone and this beautiful heart wants the same thing/person with all its might and intensity...
The never ending clash is a turmoil for sure, within which, pleasure and pain is all we get."

A warm thank you to Thinkin...It really is a beautiful and striking thought... it got me "thinkin" all right :) Thank you for starting off what I hope will be a wonderful journey : From - The Creator

The First thought from me .....

I ll put down the first thought which is buzzing inside my head right away :

"Why do we all fall into traps which we know will emotionally scar us ??"

You are free to answer and further the discussion :)


WELCOME.......... AND HI :)

Hi all :) Welcome to Outsourcing your thoughts :) Our mind at a single instant is full of several ruminations.. be it thoughts of love, worry, tension, happiness, revenge :) etc :) It is impossible to chronicle all our thoughts into one single module and display it for all to see. My soul purpose of setting up this blog site is to give all of you...bloggers and non bloggers alike , a platform to put down something going on inside your head at a particular instant... something or anything that you would like to share with anyone of us :) In order to facilitate this process, I would be obliged if anyone who desires to contribute to this forum, would leave his/her email id in the comment box so that I can forward the link which would enable you to post your thoughts directly whenever you wish :) I hope you all join me in making this little venture a delightful kaleidescope of wonderful tit bits :)