What are you thinking about ?? Right now ??

What are you thinking about ?? Right now ??

Friday, 15 May 2009

WELCOME.......... AND HI :)

Hi all :) Welcome to Outsourcing your thoughts :) Our mind at a single instant is full of several ruminations.. be it thoughts of love, worry, tension, happiness, revenge :) etc :) It is impossible to chronicle all our thoughts into one single module and display it for all to see. My soul purpose of setting up this blog site is to give all of you...bloggers and non bloggers alike , a platform to put down something going on inside your head at a particular instant... something or anything that you would like to share with anyone of us :) In order to facilitate this process, I would be obliged if anyone who desires to contribute to this forum, would leave his/her email id in the comment box so that I can forward the link which would enable you to post your thoughts directly whenever you wish :) I hope you all join me in making this little venture a delightful kaleidescope of wonderful tit bits :)

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